Sunday June 20, Stéphanie Chanoine-Talata, regional delegate Miss France Val de Loire gathered in Saint-Branchs, in the sumptuous decor of the Cèdre et Charme guest house, 11 candidates for the election of Miss Indre-et-Loire .

Former regional Miss, her mission was to receive young people and prepare them for the July 4 election, still in Saint-Branchs. She accomplished this task with the help of three former regional winners: Cassandre Joris, Sara Marra, and Jade Simon, also a national finalist.

Three makeup artists, two hairdressers

“Cassandre is the delegate of Indre-et-Loire, says Stéphanie. She obtained the gracious welcome in this property, the help of the municipality, and the meal offered free of charge by the local baker-pastry chef; Sara has pout task to accompany the contenders; Jade, a professional videographer, produces the video portraits of each. In addition, we did the regulatory checks and tests, the general knowledge questionnaire, etc. “

Two people were eliminated because of a criterion that did not comply with the rules. “Three make-up artists and two hairdressers who support us worked on a voluntary basis and will still be on duty on July 4, with the support of four others. Claude Dorote is our photographer.”

Text: correspondent NR Jean Gouyau

The 9 candidates on the forecourt of the Cèdre et Charme house