Le Cèdre is the name of the property, as well as the name of the small street at the back of the park, and refers to the magnificent 150-year-old cedar tree planted in front of the house… at the same time as the house?

Cèdre et Charme comes alive!

2022-04-03T11:20:55+00:00The Cedar|

Here is a video animation to introduce you to our Cèdre et Charme guest house in one minute: better than a big speech ;-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRzrmN-KZW8&t=2s [...]

Such beautiful quinces!

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Autumn is a pleasure of fruit: pears, apples, nuts, chestnuts, mushrooms and also... quinces. Anne prepares them in jam and jellies for the happiness of [...]

Little inhabitants of the park

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The park is inhabited or occupied by many small inhabitants who love our wooded area and its large trees where they can hide. In particular, [...]