The Cedar House and cottage comes alive !

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Voici une animation vidéo pour vous présenter le gîte Cèdre et Charme en une minute : beaucoup mieux qu’un grand discours 😉

Cedar and House livens Image!

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Voici une animation vidéo pour vous présenter notre maison d’hôtes Cèdre et Charme en une minute : mieux qu’un grand discours 😉

Photos of the Cedar House and cottage… to dream!

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The Cedar House and cottage offers an exceptional setting…

The indoor pool : dream and relaxation all year!

Salons, dining room and kitchen : a huge bright space and very spacious, where to live and relax together!

lounge area

Rooms : superb volumes, visible beams, brightly decorated,simple and modern. And of course bedding comfort and shape memory pillows for quality sleep.


Bathroom : bright and modern, very well equipped. large mirrors, radiator dry towel, hair dryer, bath towels.

Bathroom house



Big TV in the lounge room for the World Cup 2018 of Soccer

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Don't miss out on the FIFA World Cup 2018, Cedre & Charme offers a large screen TV in the lounge rooms!

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "coupe du monde 2018"


The calendar and the results are here :

Spring 2018 : the pool is open !

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Spring has arrived in Touraine since the Easter weekend!

The indoor pool is open, the water is at 27 ° C, the birds are singing in the park…

Enjoy the sunny days and gentle water!

Cedar and House submerged in snow ! How wonderful!

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The month of Febuary reminds us that it is winter, en blanchissant tous nos paysage 😉
It is rare for snow to stay in Touraine, and we have to enjoy these precious moments, and look closely.

The snow twinkles under the sun that scarcely shows itself:

neige blanche sous ciel bleu

White snow under a blue sky, everything to make us smile:

CèNeige blanche sous ciel bleu

Snow makes the world look wonderful!

Cedar and House and environment

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We are all increasingly aware and sensitive to the impact of our daily actions and our activities on our environment. And that's very good!

Cedre et Charme has the concern to minimize its environmental footprint and to be respectful of our privileged environment in Touraine.

Here are the steps we take to be more eco friendly:

  • Home insulation work : lining walls and roof, double glazing for door frames.
  • Heating : replacing the old boiler with a condensing gas boiler; installing 2 pellet stoves and an insert for heating with wood the living rooms of the ground floor.
  • Electricity : replacing light bulbs with energy-saving bulbs. Using peak. Providing an outlet under the covered parking for electric vehicles.
  • Composting our organic waste for compost.
  • Clean sheets and towels : Use the expertise of Elis and its' collection Bio'fair, using cotton products from fair trade and organic cleaning products. (
  • Clean rooms and bathrooms : selection and use of organic products from Hakawerk, manufactured exclusively from plants.
  • Host tables : we focus on quality local products (vegetables, meat, cheese, wines, …).
  • Cedre et Charme and is also a safe haven for birds, in partnership with LPO (

Such beautiful quinces!

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Autumn is a pleasure for fruits : pears, apples, nuts, chestnuts, mushrooms and also…. quinces.

Anne prepares jam and jellies for the happiness of all, because they are very soft fruits, to the touch as to taste!Quince

Cyclamen carpets to celebrate the fall

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In autumn, under our big trees, wild cyclamen are a real carpet of flowers, white and purple, in harmonious blend.


The flowers are delicate and aerial. It makes you want to lie in it…

Spring 2018 : the pool is open from 1 April !

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Here comes Spring ! The Cedre et Charme pool (covered and heated to 27 ° C) is open starting the 1st of April!
Calling all fish and those who like to swim or wade!


The pool has a view on the park… which gives a feeling of freedom and total relaxation!


Savor the softness of Touraine!