Miss Indre-et-Loire selection at Cèdre et Charme !

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Sunday 20 June, Stephanie Chanoine-Talata, regional delegate Miss France Val de Loiremet at Saint-Branchs, in the sumptuous decor of the Cèdre et Charme guest house, 11 candidates for the election of Miss Indre-et-Loire.

Former Regional Miss, its mission was to receive young people and prepare them for the election of the 4 July, still in Saint-Branchs. She accomplished this task with the help of three former regional crowned : Cassandre Joris, Sarah Marra, and Jade Simon, also national finalist.

Three makeup artists, two hairdressers

“Cassandre is the representative of Indre-et-Loire, says Stephanie. She received a gracious welcome at this property, help from the municipality, and the meal offered free of charge by the local baker ; Sara has the task of accompanying the suitors ; Jade, professional videographer, makes the video portraits of each. Furthermore, we have done the regulatory checks and tests, the general knowledge questionnaire, etc. “

Two people were eliminated due to a criterion that did not comply with the regulations. “Three makeup artists and two hairdressers who support us have worked on a voluntary basis and will continue to be of service on 4 July, with the reinforcement of four others. Claude Dorote is our photographer. “

Text : correspondent NR Jean Gouyau 


The 9 candidates on the forecourt of the Cèdre et Charme house

Reopening of the Monuments and museums of Touraine from 19 May 2021 !

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[Press release]
Tours, the 10 May 2021
Press contacts : Departmental Council of Indre-et-Loire – Territory Attractiveness Department

The monuments and museums of the Department of Indre-et-Loire will once again welcome visitors from Wednesday 19 May.

In order to respect the health protocol in force, specific arrangements and devices are in place in each of the monuments and museums : modified visit routes, provision of individual stylus for the use of touch tools, download of visits booklet on smartphone by QR code…

Novelties, new events are to be discovered upon opening on 19 May and throughout the season.

Royal Fortress of Chinon

The "three castles" that make up the only royal medieval fortress in the Loire Valley today reveal their secrets through various reconstructions and events.

New arrivals : opening of the Plantagenêt space with the reconstitution of the room of Eleanor of Aquitaine, presentation of the Myths and Legends exhibition. Since the 19 May, possibility of immersive self-guided tours thanks to HistopPad ©
Open every day from 19 May. More information : www.forteressechinon.fr

Royal city of Loches

Overlooking the city and the Indre valley, the Royal City of Loches is a unique heritage complex, built on a rocky outcrop and surrounded by a wall, composed of two major monuments : the keep and the royal residence. A journey through time to cover more than 500 years of French history.
On the program this season : L'exposition ANIMATED, royal or fantastic animals, real or imaginary, rediscover the animals of the middle ages, as you never envisioned them. Immersive tour of the Dungeon with the Histopad ©. Break in the gardens at the foot of the keep.
Open every day from 19 May. More information : www.citeroyaleloches.fr

Saint-Cosme Priory, Ronsard's home

Saint Cosmes Museum - Ronsard
Saint Cosmes Museum – Ronsard

In this place full of meaning and history, the facilities and gardens are invitations to learn, let yourself be surprised and relax, with family or friends.

On the program from the opening : Les portants exhibition by Natalia Jaime Cortez, artistic performances in May, entertainment for meetings in the gardens at the beginning of June. Possibility of free visits to the priory and contemporary gardens.
Open every day from 19 May, for more information : www.prieure-ronsard.fr

Rabelais-La Devinière Museum

Domaine de la Devinière - Rabelais museum
Rabelais’s birthplace is surrounded by a garden, of an orchard and vines and offers a bucolic discovery in the heart of nature.
Exhibitions to be discovered upon opening : Pantagruel illustrated by Derain, “Nothing goes” restitution of the residence of artists Jean-François Guillon and Didier Galas.

On the occasion of 70 years of the museum : Views and viewpoints exhibition from June. A walk-show, aperitifs-concerts, night visits, concerts ... will also be offered during the season.
Open every day from 19 May, for more information : www.musee-rabelais.fr

Balzac-Château de Saché Museum

Domaine de Saché - Balzac museum

Enter the romantic park, discover the interior of this small castle furnished and decorated in the style of a bourgeois residence, is like a 19th century plunge into the privacy of Balzac. An invitation to
let go and indulge in a gentle meditation in the shade of the tall trees in the park.
Novelty : a Balzacian library made up of nearly 600 works including all early works published by Balzac.
From the opening : Situations de Vallées exhibition restitution of Léa Bismuth's residence & Nicolas Boulard. Dinners on the grass, balzacian naps, literary hikes will also punctuate this season 2021.
Open every day from 19 May, for more information : www.musee-balzac.fr

Grand-Pressigny Prehistory Museum

Grand Pressigny prehistoric museum
Come to the Grand-Pressigny museum, it means going to meet an entire section of Prehistory and learn how the men and women of Touraine lived between the Paleolithic and the Bronze Age.
Since the 19 May, presentation of the exhibition La Grotte Chauvet, Humanity's first masterpiece.
Open every day from 19 May, for more information : www.prehistoiregrandpressigny.fr

Field of Candé

Field of Candé
In a preserved setting, with 20 minutes from Tours, the Domaine de Candé invites you to stroll in the heart of a park of 230 hectares. With its vegetable garden and its safeguard orchard, the vast park with hundred-year-old trees now hosts playful and unusual contemporary creations.
You can explore this Sensitive Natural Area by following one of the hiking trails that cross it, bring a picnic and sit on the grass before exploring before discovering the incredible atmosphere of luxury and modernity of the castle, fully furnished - closed for over a year – celebrated by the marriage of the Duke of Windsor and Wallis Simpson in 1937 or look down into the Indre valley ...
Castle and park open from Wednesday to Sunday. Free access. More informations : www.domainecande.fr

Hotel Goüin

Hotel Gouïn
Finally ! A new setting for hosting contemporary art exhibitions.
After several weeks of work, The Hotel Goüin will reopen its doors and present the exhibition La Touraine Mécène, support for contemporary creators.
Opening of the Hotel Goüin from Wednesday to Sunday, from the 22 May.
More information : www.hotelgouin.fr

Cedar and Charm, from the sky!

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We wanted photos and views from the sky and we had the chance to meet and have Charles DAVID work for Cèdre et Charme.

We are happy to share with you some shots taken, to dream, see what's beautiful from a different perspective. Savor the images !

At a glance, the park, the House, the swimming pool…
Vertical view, pour le plaisir de la symétrie!
Un peu d’eau, vue d’en haut
Prêt pour le voyage Cèdre et Charme, après cet avant goût?

Nous vous recommandons hautement 😉 les services de Charles DAVID qui peut réaliser photos, films, animations pour mettre en valeur vos activités, votre projet, votre environnement ou votre passion: https://charles-david-videaste.fr/

Covid-19 : Your health first!

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The Covid-19 epidemic requires all of us to be careful not to expose ourselves to the virus unnecessarily.

In this context, for your well-being and safety, Cèdre et Charme guarantees you effective prevention measures, impeccable cleanliness and hygiene, for the cottage as for the guest rooms:

  • Reduced team: no outside speakers. Our team is reduced to Armand and Anne.
  • Communication: sharing information and recommendations with our hosts.
  • Hygiene: systematic and detailed maintenance (door handles , switches, etc..) bedrooms, bathrooms, common areas with suitable products (disinfectants).
  • Prevention: Provision of hydro-alcoholic gel for our guests.

And specifically for the guest house:

  • Meal: individualized breakfasts, distanced tables.
  • Swimming Pool: time slots for each group of hosts.

We thus hope to allow you to enjoy your stay in complete serenity and savor the beauty of Touraine again.

Be careful and take care of your loved ones,

Armand et Anne

One day rose

Reconnaissance 2020 Travelmyth Awards

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Greetings from Travelmyth, the hotel meta-search engine for sophisticated travellers.

The results of the annual Travelmyth awards for 2020 are out and we have good news to share with you!

According to our hotel search algorithm, “Cedar and Charm” is now ranked in the top 20 accommodations in Tours – congratulations!

We have prepared a badge for you to showcase this distinction on your website and/or your social media accounts:

Recognition of Excellence 2019 Cedre and Charm by HotelsCombined

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through HotelsCombined

Ranked By CEDRE_ET_CHARME Customers

The guest house or cottage Cedar House and provide you with a fully equipped kitchen – A completely independent house half!

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Through the development of an exclusive kitchen for guests, our guest house becomes even more flexible and comfortable.
The kitchen is fully dedicated to our guests. It allows them to organize on-site meals they wish to spend at home. For even more fun and relaxation on site.

The kitchen offers the following equipment : four, where micro-, 3 ceramic hobs, dishwasher, large fridge 2 Freezing large floors. Many dishes 2 complete service of plates and cutlery 15 people. Toaster, filter coffee machine and Nespresso, kettle, mixers, devices pancake and raclette, etc…

Cedar and Charm : A little closer to the stars !

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And Cedar House is 6km from’observatory Tauxigny.

Do not hesitate to stop at home, if you want to enjoy our clear sky, discover the stars or watch the stars.

You can find practical information on the best places from which to observe our sky on the site https://www.darkskymap.com/

The period is very favorable to observe shooting stars.

A Observatory Tauxigny, in a previous edition of the Night of Stars…

A Observatory Tauxigny, in a previous edition of the Night of Stars.

The Cedar House and cottage comes alive !

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Voici une animation vidéo pour vous présenter le gîte Cèdre et Charme en une minute : beaucoup mieux qu’un grand discours 😉

Cedar and House livens Image!

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Voici une animation vidéo pour vous présenter notre maison d’hôtes Cèdre et Charme en une minute : mieux qu’un grand discours 😉