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in furnished accommodation for lodging located :

15to Grand Rue - 37320 Saint Branchs

  1. Between the undersigned :Logo 4 ears lodgings of France

Owner : Cedar and House - 17 Grand Rue – 37320 Saint Branchs

Represented by the Anne Garreau - 06 19 43 22 98 –

Tenant :

Period of rental :

The rental period begins ....... with 17 hours.

It ends on ............ with 10H30.

This period can not be extended without the express permission of the owner.

Rental price:

This lease is agreed for a price of .......... euros (………..euros) for the entire rental period.

The above rent includes, for the entire rental period, payment of all rental charges (water, gas, electricity), sheets, pillowcases, (beds made), towels, city ​​tax.

A final cleaning package is available for 150 €.

Optional :

  • Housekeeping mid stay for a flat fee of 150 €

  • The breakfast : 15€ per person and breakfast.

Validity of booking and payment

The reservation is final upon receipt, owner :

  • the reservation contract signed by the tenant.

  • a deposit check (payable to Cedar and House) of 25% of total price, or € which will be cashed upon receipt by the owner.

  • a check (payable to Cedar and House) representing the balance, or € which will be cashed one month before the start date of the lease.

  • If you choose the cleaning service End of stay, you can set the same time as the rental balance (by cheque) or set on site (cash).

  • a certificate of insurance covering risks of seasonal rental for the rental dates ("Resort guarantee" household insurance). This is an extension, often free, Civil liability insurance.

In case of theft or damage in the rented premises, the owner is not responsible.

As long as the contract, checks and the insurance certificate confirming the reservation did not reach the owner, the cottage is free for rent and can be rented by another tenant.


The deposit will be given on arrival in the house and it will be returned within 15 days after the departure of the tenant, less any costs of rehabilitation of places and value for missing or damaged. The collateral or security deposit is 500 €. It will be payable by check to the Cedar and House (not cashed) or by depositing a credit card number.

  1. Description cottage and its equipment.

The cottage consists of :

Ground floor :

      • An entrance,

      • Room (with disabled access) for an additional 2 people, with private bathroom and WC. Possibility of adding a cot.

      • A large room with a dining room, billiards space, a lounge with TV (overlooking the pool), library with books and board games

      • A fully-equipped kitchen (washing machine, tumble drier, dishwasher, four, hob, where micro-, fridge 3 freezer drawers, filter coffee machine and Nespresso, food processors, toaster, kettle, 2 raclette and 2 Crêpes, multiple sockets and extensions ...) open to the large space.

      • A heated indoor pool and covered and secure.



floor :

      • 2 rooms (2 ou 3 people : 1 double bed and single bed or 3 singles) with their own shower room and WC

      • 2 rooms (2 ou 3 people : 1 double bed and single bed or 3 singles)

      • 1 shower room accessible from the corridor.

      • 1 WC accessible from the corridor.

Outside :

      • 4 parking spaces including a PMR

      • A pool terrace (grass)

      • A terrace (in travertin, natural stone) with a table for 15 people

      • A garden space (grass)

      • A bicycle locked room.

specific facilities :

      • Wifi

      • House and bath linen supplied

      • Billiards

      • 2 televisions

  1. Terms of rental


The property is leased to 15 occupants maximum. The tenant expressly agrees not to exceed this number. If the number of people coming to the house exceeds the capacity, the owner will refuse the extra people. This refusal may in no case be considered a modification or termination of the contract with the owner of the initiative, so that in case of departure, no refund can be considered.

State of Play

The inventory will be conducted without the presence of the owner.

An inventory will be made available to the tenant who will then 48 hours to make any objections, par sms, email, mail. There is no challenge by the tenant within 48 hours, the inventory prepared by the owner shall be deemed accepted by the tenant.

The tenant will establish only the state of fixtures and transmit the output update to the owner. The owner may contest the inventory in a current period until the arrival of the next tenant, within a limit of 48 hours.


Cancellation by the owner : Owner agrees to reserve the tenant the enjoyment of the house for the agreed period. He can cancel the reservation in case of force majeure (for example, state of the house due to bad weather or major damage does not allow a rent). This cancellation will be notified by letter to the tenant, with the full refund of the deposit and the appropriate balance.

Cancellation by the tenant : All cancellations must be notified by registered letter to the owner.

  1. Cancellation before arrival at the scene :

      • The deposit remains with the owner.

      • If cancellation occurs less 30 days before the date of entry into the premises, the entire rent is forfeited to the owner. There will be no refund.

  1. If the stay is shortened :

      • The rental price remains with the owner. There will be no refund.

Tenant Engagement :

  • Respect the housing capacity.

  • Peaceful enjoyment of the dwelling and not to cause any disturbance or nuisance.

  • No smoking inside the house or the pool room, for reasons of security and respect for others.

  • Do not sublet the dwelling or not to assign this contract to a third party,

  • Tell the owner as soon as possible of any damage affecting housing, its furniture or equipment.

  • Respect the destination of the dwelling and not to make him any modification.

  • Make a normal and reasonable use of the means of comfort (heating, air conditioner, water, etc.), as well as equipment (home appliance, multimedia, kitchen, etc.) made available.

  • Comply with the law on the use of wifi made available.

  • Allow the owner or a third party engaged by him to perform, during the rental period, repairs ordered by the emergency renouncing in advance to claim any compensation or rent reduction on that ground.

  • Comply with the terms of delivery and return of the keys of the house agreed with owner.

  • Do not make copies of keys provided by the owner.

  • Turn off lights and electrical appliances when leaving the house.

  • Lock the doors and in particular those providing access to the pool when he leaves the house.

  • The use of the pool by children is the sole responsibility of the parents or persons responsible.

  • Use of the pool is forbidden for children under 10 years and under the responsibility of an adult for minors 10 with 18 years old. Any damage on the felt will be charged 400 €.

  • Any damage will be charged at the cost of nine for missing items or damaged equipment. The amount will be deducted from the deposit.

  • Before his departure, replace all the equipment and furniture in its original place.

  • Before his departure, let home and outside clean and free of any scrap or waste.

Pets are not accepted.

The owner : The tenant :

( Signature preceded by the words

handwritten "Good for agreement" )



Good stay in the Cedar cottage and rental



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